About GreenRoom7

Our buildings are designed and built to meet your specific needs.  A member of our team will arrange a consultation to discuss exactly what you’re looking for to determine the most suitable size and content for your Eco Building.  We also offer bespoke interiors to ensure the room caters to your exact requirements – everything from home office shelving, classroom desks, arts and craft stations with sinks, and even kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  We’ll create a 3D visual of the design for you, like the one shown here, and provide a quotation for the specification that’s right for you.  Get in touch with us today to find out more and to arrange your free consultation.

Our Eco Buildings are hand built here in the UK on site are our workshop in Lancashire.  They are pre-fabricated, delivered to your door and installed by our expert team – which means they are ready for use in as little as one day from delivery.

We offer a variety of cladding to suit your setting, such as Cedar, Larch, Render, Brick or Rock panel.  The buildings are super insulated with no thermal bridging and have gas filled glazing, all of which help to contribute towards a zero carbon space designed and built especially for you.

Our creative design and careful choice of materials help to ensure all our outdoor rooms provide a durable, long-lasting space for many years to come.  There are 7 essential elements that make a building sustainable, and they are at the heart of all our designs. 

That’s why ….. we are GreenRoom7.

The 7 essential elements that make our buildings sustainable


Ensuring sufficient insulation into walls, roof and floor ensures heat retention and overall efficiency for the whole structure.

Air tightness

Fewer gaps means less heat loss. Good air tightness maximises the efficiency of insulation and helps reduce fuel bills.  

Thermal mass

Natural products enhance thermal mass to help moderate the internal environment and reduce energy consumption.

Natural light

Reducing reliance on artificial lighting and using heat captured through windows from the sun to help heat the building.

Sustainable materials

Natural materials offer proven performance and are better for the environment delivering long term running cost savings..

Structural systems

We support a fabric first approach to building whereby getting the choice right early on is critical to ensuring efficiency for you.

Renewable tech

We design our buildings to maximise efficiency and we match the energy needs of our clients to meet those levels.

By combining these seven elements not only do we create beautiful bespoke buildings….but also ones which are ZERO CARBON.